... of the Allegro Papagayo Hotel and most of the passengers worked there, said the Fuerza Pública. The accident was only about 200 meters (some 650 feet) from the hotel entrance, said police. The ...

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The operator of the Allegro Papagayo was in environmental court Thursday seeking to reduce a claim for some $224,000 by the government because the hotel ran sewage into the Golfo de Papagayo.

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... the Hotel Allegro Papagayo shut down temporarily in February after it was found to be contaminating the ocean. The hotel lies just outside the gates to the Papagayo peninsula, and caused its ...


... Miguel Ángel Rodríguez is still under investigation for his role, if any, in a kicback on a contract to a French telephone company. Agents of the French firm have been indicted in the United States.

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... buffet de Papagayo con la más amplia paleta de colores y sabores latinos para iniciar el día. Encuentre una cuidadosa selección para dietas saludables como minibatidos frescos, cereales y frutas de ...

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Alonzo Ruiz, a hotel Allegro Papagayo staff member, said that the company expects the treatment plant to be ready within three months, and managers expect to re-open with full capacity at that time.

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Allegro Papagayo All Inclusive Immerse your soul in the impeccable landscapes, pristine gardens and prime location on Manzanillo Beach - GUanacaste, Allegro Papagayo is a world apart from all other ...

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... of a beachfront hotel, the Hotel Allegro Papagayo. This has not discouraged the luxury development, which will include gyms, tennis clubs, spa pools, exclusive restaurants and a waterfront village.

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... Rica Hotel Allegro Poopagayo," or "Another Pacific Poop Problem" , but the issue at hand is quite serious and Increased media coverage lead to the Ministry of Health reinspecting the hotel. More ...

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February saw the closure of Hotel Allegro Papagayo, located on Playa Manzanillo. It was accused of lacking adequate facilities to treat the

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Allegro Papagayo by Occidental All Inclusive This resort is located in Guanacaste, directly on the Manzanillo beachfront that faces the Pacific Ocean, and about two hundred miles from the ...

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... at the Allegro Papagayo! Departing Edmonton, Alberta January 8, 2013, this all inclusive package includes a special superior room (Noli+) and is available to you for $859.00 with tax of $315.81 for a ...

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Guests will be evacuating the Hotel Allegro Papagayo in their hundreds over the next few days, after the Ministerio de Salud gave the hotel the order to close on Monday afternoon.

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